My name is Jesse Fletcher and I am a graphic designer.

My Past

I was born in the sunny sun-kissed Okanagan. I was raised watching my father program, a pen I one hand and a Lego brick in the other. I have been in public school, home school,  some of the first experimental virtual schools in my end of the country. While I like the comfortability of the things that I am used to I am quick to adapt and learn

from a very young age I have had a fascination wit the creative process, building Lego, origami, furniture and anything I was often more interested in the process of getting from A to B than I was arriving at B. Over the years this has helped me to focus on the things that are important and spend the time to do them right, so that when you arrive at point B, it is exactly as you would expect.

I started in programming but quickly switched to a Digital Art and Design course, from which I graduated from with a diploma. I moved on to a print shop where I worked as bindery then, digital press operator and then, graphic designer I was there for five years before moving on to my current job where I work as a designer for a web team.

My Present

I spend my days designing, I come home spend time with my wife and kids and then in the evenings and weekends do more design, sometimes for my church, sometimes for freelance and sometimes for my wife’s personal business. Point being I love what I do and I do it all day everyday all year long. I love the challenges it brings and I love the rage of projects I have the opportunity to work on and the people I get to work with.

I have a back ground in both print and web, I know social media and there has never been a project that I have not been able to make work. I am always looking for something bigger and something different and I hope that you can bring me both of those things!

My Future

Like anyone I have goals, some I have completed some I have not, I’m not quitting this any time soon below are some of them, if you can help me check some of these off that is fantastic, if you would like to work with me on something else, that’s fantastic too. If you want to just say hello by all means tweet me, facebook me, or lets go grab a coffee.

So here we go, my goals:

  • design the way finding system for a hospital
  • brand an airline
  • work on a viral marketing campaign
  • get published
  • be a part of something bigger than myself
  • design a font
  • create something that makes the world better
  • own a mini cooper
  • work for/with Lego