The Birth Bundle

Project Description:

 The Birth Bundle
Featured, Logo, Print, Website

The Birth Bundle is a business that puts together packages for giving birth, everything you need for hospital or home births. The request was for a logo, website and any promotional items to follow.

The Logo

The overall look and feel requested was a “woodland creatures” theme with a heavy emphasis on birch trees she also wanted a natural vibe. Out in the woods brings us back to nature which equates to natural childbirth and mothering animals. I wanted to go with a hand drawn look, but still clean and simple, I had planned for softer colors at first but as things progressed more and more I wanted the trees to be a soft background element and the animals which were the focus to be bolder in color.

The Forest Residents

There was needed a collection of forest critters for the different packages, each animal would then equate to a specific package.

Here they all are separated out in their individual items, each one was allotted to a different package that could be purchased.

Business Cards

The business cards carried the same theme, birch trees for the forest and one of the animals.

Social Media

Imagery had to be put together for the Facebook page as well. It was a little difficult getting the correct balance of readability without losing too much of the brand for the profile picture, but simplification and the small highlight with the fox ended up being the key.

The Website