Welcome to McDonald's

Welcome to McDonald’s

April 8, 2015

McDonalds has recently come out with a new Ad campaign, and when I first saw it I couldn’t believe how poor it was. The billboard had an elderly couple on it and the tagline was “We stopped for the bathrooms.” I almost drove off the road trying to figure out what the point was. Not only was the message confusing but the word spacing threw me right off, it seemed very amateur.

A little ways down the road there was another one, this one had to kids sitting on the curb outside and the tagline was “Dad’s car broke down.” This one I find frustrating due to the word spacing, thanks to a giant gap you can read it as “Dad’s broke car down” Maybe my skinny jeans are a bit too tight but I feel in the word spacing alone they could have improved this ad campaign. But I try not to judge too harshly at first glance, design and marketing at this scale (national in Canada) is thought out and planned so I did some digging to figure out the details behind it.

“This campaign is honest, human and genuine and it focuses on the diversity of real people who make our brand special,” – Antoinette Benoit, Senior Vice President, Marketing for McDonald’s Canada.

Turns out the idea is solid, the TV ads are good and the promotional website is fantastic. The billboards are unable to stand by themselves though, and as such my first encounter to the campaign was the worst of it.

“The launch is part of the company’s new brand vision which focuses on celebrating its strong Canadian ties.  Since opening the first restaurant in Canada in 1967, McDonald’s has provided a common ground, a place where differences come together and connections happen.”

Go have a look at it, watch some of the videos, make up your own mind. Just remember that your campaign is as good as its weakest piece and make sure that every piece can stand alone while still working with all the other items.