The Problem:
In New Hampshire there is a collection of mountain peaks that have a summit higher than 4000 ft. My client wanted to showcase these peaks in an interesting but informative way. From a distance they wanted it to look like an art piece for the wall, up close they wanted it to be interesting, detailed and informative. One of the biggest issues that I had was making all the information fit without crowding the image itself.
The Solution:
I tried for a long to to make it work as a regular map, but then the idea of the circle hit and everything just fell together, the radial aspect of the mountains, the numbers around the edge relating to the peaks. the elevation graph running around the edge. The flags were made hollow so that if desired the hiker could fill in the ones they had completed, two flags are there for a summer and winter summit, which relates to two patches you can earn from the AMC 4000 Footer Club after you summit all of the peaks in summer and winter.
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